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Devices managed by Intune can be administered remotely using TeamViewer. TeamViewer is a partner program that you purchase separately. This article shows you how to lớn configure TeamViewer within Intune, & how khổng lồ remotely administer a device.

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This feature applies to:

Android device administrator (DA)Android Enterprise personally owned devices with a work profile (BYOD)iOS/iPadOSmacOSWindows


Only a Global administrator or Intune administrator in the Endpoint Manager admin center can onboard TeamViewer.

Use a supported Intune-managed device:

Android device administrator (DA)Android Enterprise personally owned devices with a work profile (BYOD)iOS/iPadOSmacOSWindows


Android Enterprise corporate-owned devices are not supported. Team viewer works with the Company portal app. It doesn"t work with the Intune app.

By using TeamViewer, you"re allowing the TeamViewer for Intune Connector to lớn create TeamViewer sessions, read Active Directory data, và save the TeamViewer tài khoản access token.


TeamViewer is not supported on GCC High environments.

Configure the TeamViewer connector

To provide remote assistance to devices, configure the Intune TeamViewer connector using the following steps:

Select Tenant administration > Connectors and tokens > TeamViewer Connector.Select Connect, và accept the license agreement.Select Log in to lớn TeamViewer to authorize.A website page opens to lớn the TeamViewer site. Enter your TeamViewer license credentials, and then Sign In.

Remotely administer a device

After the connector is configured, you"re ready to lớn remotely administer a device.

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Select Devices > All devices.From the list, select the device that you want to lớn remotely administer > New Remote Assistance Session. You may have to select the three dots (...) to see this option.After Intune connects lớn the TeamViewer service, you"ll see some information about the device. Connect lớn start the remote session.

In TeamViewer, you can complete a range of actions on the device, including taking control of the device. For full details of what you can do, see the TeamViewer community page (opens TeamViewer"s web site).

When finished, close the TeamViewer window.

End user experience

When you start a remote session, users see a notification flag on the Company Portal phầm mềm icon on their device. A notification also appears when the ứng dụng opens. Users can then accept the remote assistance request.



Windows devices that are enrolled using "userless" methods, such as Device Enrollment Manager (DEM) và Windows Configuration Designer (WCD), don"t show the TeamViewer notification in the Company Portal app. In these scenarios, it"s recommended to use the TeamViewer portal to generate the session.

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