1. The present simple (Thì lúc này đơn): (Diễn tả hành vi sự việc xẩy ra theo thói quen, thường xuyên xảy ra hoặc lặp đi tái diễn ở hiện nay tại).

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 The present simple is often used with the following words & phrases:

 - Adverbs: always, usually, often, sometimes, rarely, never

 - Phrases: every Monday/ week/ etc. Each Monday/ week/ etc.

 once/ twice a week/ month/ etc. Three times a week/ month/ etc.

 Note: Remember that these adverbs usually go before the verb, but after the verb “To be”.

 Ex: I often play football with my friends.

 I am often late for my piano lessons.

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2. The future simple (Thì tương lai đơn): (Diễn tả hành vi sự bài toán sẽ xảy ra trong tương lai; sự tiên đoán; lời đề nghị hay yêu cầu hoặc những ra quyết định ở thời điểm hiện tại).

 - Express facts about the future: The new airport will be the biggest in Europe.

 - Express predictions: You’ll have a great time in Ha Long Bay.

 - Express offers or requests: We’ll help you get ready for your holiday.

 - Express decisions made now: I know! I’ll go to china this summer.



Unit 1MY HOBBIESPART 1: GRAMMAR REVIEW1.The present simple (Thì lúc này đơn): (Diễn tả hành vi sự việc xẩy ra theo thói quen, liên tiếp xảy ra hoặc lặp đi tái diễn ở hiện tại).The present simple is often used with the following words và phrases:- Adverbs: always, usually, often, sometimes, rarely, never- Phrases: every Monday/ week/ etc.each Monday/ week/ etc.once/ twice a week/ month/ etc.three times a week/ month/ etc.Note: Remember that these adverbs usually go before the verb, but after the verb “To be”.Ex:I often play football with my friends.I am often late for my piano lessons.2.The future simple (Thì sau này đơn): (Diễn tả hành động sự bài toán sẽ xẩy ra trong tương lai; sự tiên đoán; lời kiến nghị hay yêu ước hoặc những đưa ra quyết định ở thời khắc hiện tại).- Express facts about the future:The new airport will be the biggest in Europe.- Express predictions:You’ll have a great time in Ha Long Bay.- Express offers or requests:We’ll help you get ready for your holiday.- Express decisions made now:I know! I’ll go to đài loan trung quốc this summer.3.Love/ like/ hate và enjoy:We can use the verbs “like”, “love”, “hate” and “enjoy” khổng lồ explain our likes and dislikes:Ex:- I love chocolate.- He likes classical music.If we use a verb, it must be in the “-ing” form:Ex:- I love listening to music.- I like walking in the park.PART 2: EXERCISESA.PHONETICSI.Find the word which has different sound in the underlined part.1.A. BirdB. GirlC. FirstD. Sister2.A. BurnB. SunC. HurtD. Turn3.A. NurseB. PictureC. SurfD. Return4.A. NeighborB. FavoriteC. CultureD. Tourist5.A. HobbyB. HourC. HotelD. HotII.Put the word into the correct column according the underlined part.camerabirdlearnfirstfinalculturenaturalheardsirgirlsignalbirthdayagainwordworldyesterdayneighborturnthirdassistant/ə//ɜː/B.VOCABULARY and GRAMMARI.Find which word does not belong lớn each group.1.A. ReporterB. CollectorC. GardenerD. Newspaper2.A. StampB. AlbumC. CollectorD. Mountain3.A. SkatingB. ClimbingC. GardeningD. Horse-riding4.A. HateB. EnjoyC. LoveD. Like5.A. UnusualB. FavouriteC. PopularD. CommonII.Read the dialogue và fill the correct words in the blanks, use the words in the box.arefromenjoyclimbshowcollectingexpensiveaboutNick:Hi Mi, welcome to our house!Elena:Come upstairs! I’ll (1) you my room.Mi:Wow! You have so many dolls.Elena:Yes. My hobby is (2) dolls. Vị you have a hobby?Mi:I lượt thích collecting glass bottles.Elena:Really? That’s very unusual. Is it (3)?Mi:Not at all, I just keep the bottles after we use them. What (4) doll collecting? Is it expensive?Elena:I guess so, but all of my dolls (5) presents. My aunt & uncle always give me dolls on special occasions.Mi:Your dolls are all very different.Elena:Yes, they’re (6) all over the world!Nick:I don’t know why girls collect things. It’s a piece of cake.Mi:Do you have a difficult hobby, Nick?Nick:Yes, I (7) mountain climbing.Mi:But Nick, there are no mountains around here!Nick:I know. I’m in a mountain climbing club. We travel lớn mountains around Viet Nam. In the future, I’ll (8) mountains in other countries too.III.Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.1. Mr. Porter is nice everyone.2. Kathy was absent class yesterday.3. Are you ready the test?4. I’m angry Greg.5. I’m mad Peter.6. Are you afraid dogs?7. Sometimes people aren’t kind animals.8. One inch is equal 2.54 centimeters.9. I’m thirsty a big glass of ice water.10. Joe has good manners. He’s always polite everyone.11. I"m not familiar that book. Whose is it?12. John’s thermos bottle is full coffee.IV.Choose the correct answer in each sentence.1. Are you interested for/ in photography.2. This is my best/ favourite book. It’s David Copperfield, by Dickens.3. I’ve decided lớn make/ join the local swimming club.4. Kate usually passes/ spends most of her time reading.5. Tim has a very interesting fun/ hobby. He builds small boats.6. What bởi vì you lượt thích doing in your empty/ spare time?7. Wendy is a member/ team of the drama club.8. Anna likes going lớn the cinema/ cinema.V.Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.1. Sally và her family love (go) to lớn the park in the summer.2. Her mum likes (lie) on the blanket and loves (read) her favourite magazines.3. Anna’s family (like) the park because they love (be) outdoors.4. I enjoy (collect) dolls và it becomes my pleasure.5. We love (watch) new films, và we (go) khổng lồ watch a new Hollywood film next weekend.6. My brother hates (do) the same things day after day.7. Our uncle (play) badminton once a week.8. I (collect) a lot of stamps from foreign countries so far.9. In 2100, people (travel) in flying cars.10. I’m so hungry, Mum.- I (make) you some sandwiches.C.READINGI.Read the text & choose the correct answer.If you enjoy cycling for pleasure, doing it in London can be a shock. There are not enough lanes especially for bikes, and making your way through the traffic can be very risky. But if you have great passion, cycling in London can be exciting, and it is an inexpensive way of keeping fit if you live there. Some cyclists don’t mind spending a lot of money on expensive bikes. However, if you just want a basic bike that is only for occasional use, there are many cheap choices. Several markets have cheap bikes on sale which may not be impressive to lớn look at but should be satisfactory. You should buy a cycling helmet if you want khổng lồ cycle in London. Wearing a cycling helmet is not compulsory in Britain, but it is a good idea to lớn wear one for protection.1. What is the main idea of the passage?A. Cycling helmetsB. Cheap bicyclesC. Bicycle marketsD. Cycling in London2. According to the passage, cycling in London isA. EasyB. DifficultC. TiringD. Boring3. The word “it” in line 3 refers toA. CyclingB. PassionC. ExcitementD. Doing exercise4. The difficulty of cycling in London is described in linesA. 2B. 5C. 5-6D. 8-95. According to lớn the passage, all the followings are true EXCEPT thatA. It is compulsory lớn wear a helmet when cycling in Britain.B. Some bikes in London are cheap.C. There are not many lanes especially for bikes.D. Some cyclists don’t want to buy expensive bikes.II.Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in the list.like (2)livebetravelmakesingreadgowriteThis is my favourite singer. He (1) a famous rock star. He (2) in America. He (3) all around the world & (4) in rock concerts. He (5) his songs and (6) his own video clip dips. In his không lấy phí time, he (7) staying at home listening to his CDs. At weekends, he usually (8) to expensive restaurants with his friends. He also (9) a lot of books about strange things. I can’t wait to see him perform live. I (10) him so much.III.Choose the most suitable word for each space.What vì chưng you lượt thích doing best (1) your spare time? My cousin Paul likes going (2) in the country and (3) photos. Sometimes he (4) with his friends, & they (5) at the park or at the beach. They always (6) a good time. His brother Chris isn’t (7) on walking. He spends most of the (8) at home.1.A. ForB. WhenC. InD. At2.A. For walksB. WalksC. A walkD. To lớn walk3.A. MakingB. HavingC. TakingD. Doing4.A. TravelsB. Gets upC. SeesD. Goes out5.A. EnjoyB. Have funC. HobbyD. Go6.A. HaveB. MakeC. DoD. Like7.A. InterestedB. OutC. DecidedD. Keen8.A. OtherB. TimeC. PeopleD. MoneyD.WRITINGI.Use the words và phrases lớn write a passage.1. Stamp collection/ be/ interesting hobby.2. You/ can learn many things, such/ the geography/ a country/ stamps.3. Postal stamps/ be a source/ interesting facts/ important dates/ every country/ the world.4. It/ make stamp collecting/ become very popular.5. As you look at the pages/ a stamp album, you/ can learn interesting details/ foreign customs/ arts/ literature/ history/ culture.6. Their colors/ can make/ you feel relaxed/ happy.7. Collecting stamps/ can become/ a business.8. If you are lucky/ finding/ special stamp, it/ will bring/ you some money besides knowledge/ pleasure.II.Rewrite the sentences, using the given words.1. What is the price of this watch?ð How much?2. What is the price of these beautiful scarves?ð How much?3. Can you tell me the way to Dong Nai Post office?ð Can you tell me?4. Can you tell me the way khổng lồ the station?ð Can you tell me?5. They are fast typists.ð They6. Peter is a hard worker.ð Peter7. There are no bottles on the shelf.ð There aren’t8. We have no time khổng lồ prepare the speech.ð We don’t haveIII.Choose the sentence that has the same meaning as the first.1. If you are not careful, you will cut yourself with that knife.A. Unless you are careful, you will cut yourself with that knife.B. If you are careful, you will cut yourself with that knife.C. Unless you are not careful, you will cut yourself with that knife.D. Unless you were careful, you will cut yourself with that knife.2. Because he doesn’t leave immediately, I call a policeman.A. Unless he leaves immediately, I won’t điện thoại tư vấn a policeman.B. If he leaves immediately, I won’t điện thoại tư vấn a policeman.C. Unless he leaves immediately, I will gọi a policeman.D. If he left immediately, I wouldn’t gọi a policeman.3. Today isn’t Sunday, so the pupils can’t go swimming.A. If today is Sunday, the pupils could go swimming.B. If today were Sunday, the pupils could go swimming.C. The pupils could go swimming unless today is Sunday.D. The pupils could not go swimming if today isn’t Sunday.4. Stop talking or you won’t understand the lesson.A. If you don’t stop talking, you won’t understand the lesson.B. If you don’t stop talking, you wouldn’t understand the lesson.C. If you hadn’t stopped talking, you wouldn’t understand the lesson.D. If you hadn’t stopped talking, you wouldn’t have understood the lesson.5. If the homework is difficult, I will ask you for help.A. Unless the homework is easy, I won’t ask you for help.B. Unless the homework is difficult, I will ask you for help.C. Unless the homework is easy, I will ask you for help.D. Unless the homework isn’t difficult, I won’t ask you for help.6. I’ll let you borrow the book but you must promise lớn return it next week.A. If you promise to lớn return the book, I let you borrow it.B. If you promised khổng lồ return the book, I’ll let you borrow it.C. If you promise lớn return the book next week, I’ll let you borrow it.D. If you promise khổng lồ return the book next week, I won’t let you borrow it.PART 3: kiểm tra yourself I.Find the word which has a different sound in the underlined part.1.A. PreferB. BetterC. TeacherD. Worker2.A. BearB. HearC. DearD. Near3.A. CollectB. ConcernC. ConcertD. Combine4.A. AbsentB. GovernmentC. DependentD. Enjoy5.A. FutureB. ReturnC. PictureD. CultureII.Complete by changing the khung of the word in capitals.1. Running after that thief was very of you!COURAGE2. You looked so when you fell asleep on the sofa.PEACE3. All four of my grandparents are still .LIVE4. Did you vote in the last ?ELECT5. It can be very difficult for when they leave prisonand go back into the community.PRISON6. At the over of the film, you hear a single and thenA1 Pacino falls to the ground.SHOOT7. It’s ! I’ve lost my glasses again!BELIEVE8. I think were all in that something must be doneabout the problem.AGREE9. Should I write “British” or “English” as my ?NATION10. We’ll only have real when women earn as muchmoney as men.EQUALIII.Choose the correct answers A, B, C or D.1.Nowadays people hours sitting in front of computers.A. SpendB. LastC. SetD. Take2.I think you should take up swimming it is suitable for your health condition.A. SoB. BecauseC. AlthoughD. But3.My family enjoys because we can sell vegetables & flowers money.A. Garden - toB. Gardening - forC. Gardening - withD. Garden - of4.If your hobby is greeting thẻ making, you can give your lớn your friends as presents.A. HobbyB. MoneyC. GreetingsD. Products5.My sister’s hobby is sewing, và she can get the sewing patterns from the magazines.A. FashionB. CookingC. SportsD. Science6.My brother doesn’t like ice-skating because he thinks it is .A. DangerB. In dangerC. DangerousD. Endangered7.My sister is very keen on swimming, và she goes swimming three a week. A. TimeB. A timeC. TimesD. Timings8.We often read the instructions carefully in order to lớn make of the things we lượt thích best.A. MeaningsB. ModelsC. CopiesD. Uses9.You need khổng lồ be to follow eggshell carving because it may take two weeks to lớn complete one shell.A. CarefulB. InterestingC. FitD. Patient10.If you choose sewing as your hobby, you will your own clothes.A. DoB. MakeC. TakeD. Get11.There are many why it is important to have a hobby.A. AnswersB. ReasonsC. DetailsD. Facts12.Will you making models in the future?A. Pick upB. Look forC. Take upD. Find13.Do you think that hobby is and boring?A. EasyB. DifficultC. DangerD. Interesting14.I love my sister’s paintings because she is very in using colors.A. CarelessB. CareC. CreativeD. Imagine15.A hobby helps you lớn connect with people.A. OtherB. OthersC. AnotherD. The other16.I join a photography club, & all members love .A. TakeB. TakingC. MakeD. Making17.What does your father do his không tính tiền time?A. InB. AtC. OnD. While18.I think a hobby will always give you & help you . A. Pleased - relaxB. Pleasure - relaxedC. Pleased - relaxingD. Pleasure - relax19.You can tóm tắt your stamps other collectors.A. With - atB. To - atC. With - inD. Khổng lồ - in20.I think this hobby does not cost you much, and you need is time.A. MostB. All ofC. SomeD. AllIV.Circle the correct preposition khổng lồ complete the sentence.1. Don’t blame the theft on/ for Tim. He didn’t steal anything.2. I’ll nói qua the sandwiches to/ with you, if you like.3. They accused Tony of/ for telling lies, but he was telling the truth.4. Are you still angry with/ about me?5. I’d completely forgotten for/ about the party. I’m not ready!6. Trudy is such a lovely baby. She always smiles at/ to you when you sing to her.V.Complete the text with the verbs in the box.startfinishhavegoworkliveswalksgoesneedsgetswatchesplaysopensgetpracticearrivePeter doesn’t have a very normal routine. He (0) works in a night club, where he (1) the piano in a jazz band. The club (2) at 11.00 at night, but the members of the band usually (3) there at 9.00 and they (4) for a couple of hours. The first customers (5) at about 11.15 & the show (6) at midnight. It (7) at 5.00 in the morning. Then Leo and his friends (8) something lớn eat, before they (9) home. Leo (10) quite close to lớn the club, so he (11) home. He (12) khổng lồ bed at 8.00, but he only (13) about four hours of sleep, so he (14) up at midday. In the afternoon he (15) TV or he goes out.VI.Put the verb in the parentheses into correct tenses.1. The sun always (rise) in the east.2. In my country, it (not, rain) much in winter.3. The moon (move) around the earth.4. Mai (be) very happy because she has 3 good marks today.5. I lượt thích (play) tennis.6. My brother (enjoy) playing football. He usually (play) football every afternoon.7. My brothers (be, not) engineers.8. Well, he is 40 years old, bald with a moustache. He (have) large ears & he (wear) glasses.9. They (have, not) any money.10. Hoa (visit) her parents once a year.VII.Complete the sentences with the words in the box.legalimmigrationearlyimmigrants keepcommunitypreferFar Eastpercentmajorityintegrateemploycultureincreasebillionpopulation0.You mustn’t park there. It’s illegal.1.In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the of to nước australia were from Britain. Many of todays newcomers, however, are from the .2.Next year the factory will a lot more people. The numbers of jobs will by over sixty .3.I lượt thích that new car but I lớn my old one.4. Has always been important in the United States.5.It isn’t always easy for minorities to lớn into the local if they are from a different.6.By the year 2050 the of the world will be ten .VIII.Read the text below và choose the best answer for each question after the text.Many people like to keep pets. Dogs & cats are very popular pets. Some people, however, keep birds or goldfish. They need less space and are easier lớn look after.If you want to lớn have a pet, you can buy one from a pet cửa hàng but you must be careful not lớn buy a sick animal. It Is best if you know something about the pet you want. This helps you choose a healthy pet. However, if you bởi vì not have much money và know very little about animals, you can visit the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty lớn Animals (RSPCA).The first society for the Prevention of Cruelty khổng lồ Animals was founded in England in 1821. It was mix up to lớn make sure that all animals are treated with kindness. The RSPCA in Hong Kong carries out this aim. The RSPCA officers collect animals which have no homes & are left in the street. They look after them until they are healthy again. People visiting the RSPCA may choose their pets from these animals and you can be sure that you will get a healthy pet. If later your pet becomes ill, you can take it lớn the doctors at the RSPCA for treatment.When you have a pet, it is very important that you look after it properly. You must remember khổng lồ feed it at suitable times. You should also give it a clean & comfortable place to lớn rest. Your pet will be happy và healthy if you love it & care for it properly.1.According to lớn the passage, what kind of pet needs more space?A. A dogB. A birdC. A goldfishD. A mouse2.What can help you choose a healthy pet?A. Being careful with your moneyC. Having a lot of moneyB. Learning about a pet you wantD. Visiting many pet shops3.The first society for the Prevention of Cruelty lớn Animals was founded .A. In 1924C. In EnglandB. More than 1000 years agoD. In 18424.What does the RSPCA bởi vì with sick & homeless animals?A. Leave them in the streetsB. Make them healthy againC. Give them khổng lồ people who cure sick petsD. Sell them to pet shops5.You can always be sure that every pet from the RSPCA .A. Will never get sickC. Is strong & healthyB. Is collected from a dustbinD. Always needs too much careIX.Choose the correct answer A, B, C. Or D khổng lồ fill each blank in the following passage.I have a very interesting và (1) hobby. I make short video clip clips with my digital camera. It was my birthday present from my parents last year. Since then, I have (2) three short films. It’s great fun! I started asking my friends & relatives to lớn take (3) in the films. I have tried to write the story for my đoạn clip clips. When I have finished the script, I make copies for the “actors”. Each scene is small and they can look at the words just (4) we start filming. We film at the weekend in my neighborhood, (5) no one has to travel far. When the video đoạn phim is finished, I invite all the “actors” và we watch the film at my house.1.A. EnjoyableB. EnjoyedC. EnjoyingD. Enjoy2.A. DoneB. MadeC. PlayedD. Watched3.A. SceneB. RoleC. PartD. Film4.A. UntilB. AfterC. OnlyD. Before5.A. SoB. BecauseC. ButD. AlthoughX.Look at these underlined words in the text. They all have spelling mistakes. Write them correctly.1.This is a photo of my freind, Stephanie.2.She’s 18 and she’s French. She lives in a village near Toulouse. She studys engineering at university.3.She has short đen hair và very dark eyes. She is inteligent and funny, but sometimes she’s a bit sad too.4.She loves music and she likes writting songs. She can play the guitar very well & she has a beautifull voice.5.I like her because she’s allways there when I need her.
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