Major Stephen Dicks is 45 years old và serves in the 1st Cavalry Division Artillery of the United States Army. Based at Fort Hood, Texas, this division is one of the most decorated combat divisions of the US Army. But the major is not an artilleryman – he is a chaplain.

My job entails ensuring the free exercise of religion for soldiers,” explains Major Dicks. “This includes performing religious services, weddings, baptisms, funerals và sermons. It also includes facilitating for the religious needs of soldiers that are different from my faith group.

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”As part of the commander’s senior staff, it is his responsibility to advise the commander on matters of morale, morals, ethics & religion.

In his spare time, Dicks has been a cartoonist for many years. He has even had the privilege of drawing cartoons for two US presidents – both of whom gave sầu hyên an autographed copy of his cartoon in return.

For exercise DEFENDER-Europe 20, Dicks was deployed to lớn Germany. The country is not new to lớn hyên. In the 1970s, his father was stationed in Wildflecken, Germany, together with a good friover who invited hyên ổn to visit his home in the United States, where he fell in love sầu with his friend’s daughter. They got married và went baông xã to Germany where Major Dicks was born in the thành phố of Würzburg in northern Bavaria.

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“The very fact that I am now the soldier serving where my father once served fills me with happiness,” says Dicks.

Training with other Allied units

During DEFENDER-Europe trăng tròn, Allies tested their ability to lớn move quickly across the Atlantic và Europe and to work together to lớn protect each other from any potential threat.

From January to March 20trăng tròn, the US Army moved approximately 6,000 soldiers from the United States to lớn Europe, as well as 9,000 vehicles and pieces of equipment from Army Prepositioned Stocks, and about 3,000 pieces of equipment via sea from the United States. Moreover, in coordination with other Allies, it also completed movement of soldiers và equipment from multiple ports lớn training areas in Germany and Polvà.

Dicks believes it is important to exercise with other Allies. “The United States military has continually worked with Allies for years, especially over the last two decades of conflicts around the world. Since we work together on the battlefield, it is important lớn train together – because we will fight like we train, therefore we must train as a multinational team of Allies.”

Dealing with the COVID-19 crisis

In response lớn the current outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, exercise DEFENDER-Europe trăng tròn was modified in size and scope. On 13 March 2020, all movement of personnel and equipment from the United States khổng lồ Europe ceased. Allied forces, however, continue to preserve sầu their readiness, if needed.

“The health và well-being of all soldiers, civilians andfamily members is a top priority và critical khổng lồ our readiness,” concludes Major Dicks.

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