the act of putting yourself or someone else onto the official danh sách of members of a course, college or university, or group:

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the act of putting yourself or someone else onlớn the official danh mục of members of a group, course, or college:
To build support among muốn women, politicians can propose và implement a number of different programmes that directly or indirectly affect female enrolment.
During the enrolment period on average 3700 of the eligible 4822 persons were available for screening.
In sum, premium rate restrictions and open enrolment, whose alặng is guaranteeing solidarity, are not effective strategies lớn achieve sầu solidarity.
Premium rate restrictions in combination with open enrolment are inadequate tools to lớn guarantee risk solidarity in competitive health insurance markets.
This is a complex issue & mandates the enrolment of large numbers o f women in prospective sầu trials of vaccine efficacy.
Some increase in kindergarten and nursery enrolment occurred during the war, but after the war it declined from 1,114,000 in 1945 to lớn 1,037,000 in 1951.

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Enrolment in the service is most commonly by referral from a health professional, typically a general practitioner but other practitioner referral and self-referral is possible.
To prevent insurers from refusing to contract (or renew a contract) with high-risk individuals, governments may complement premium rate restrictions with an open enrolment requirement.
A decade ago most studies utilized educational enrolment lớn measure human capital, given that this was the only data widely available.





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