the act of looking at or considering something carefully in order to discover something, especially a medical examination of part of your body:

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a formal test that you must pass in order to earn a particular qualification or be allowed to do a particular job:
Most colleges are already trying to get away from the exam-only system by offering places to students who come from underprivileged groups.
However, if a mother is no longer breastfeeding or uncomfortable doing so in a pediatrician"s exam room, that"s not really an option.
A complete physical exam with attention to the nervous system and certain laboratory blood studies are also needed.
Illness for many of us seems to knock at the most inopportune moments -- after finishing a year-end project, before a holiday or after taking exams.
Some students spend their college years locked away in their dorm rooms, studying for whatever exam is next on the list.
Meanwhile, the telescope looks like it"s in good condition, and ultrasonic exams show that its structure is holding up just fine.
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Methods of assessment may include a comprehensive exam, unit exams, portfolios, research papers, literature reviews, an oral exam or homework assignments.





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