an area of low-lying ground adjacent khổng lồ a river, formed mainly of river sediments và subject to lớn flooding.

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Dưới đấy là phần lớn chủng loại câu có cất từ "floodplain", vào bộ từ bỏ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh. Chúng ta hoàn toàn có thể xem thêm đông đảo chủng loại câu này để tại vị câu trong tình huống nên đặt câu cùng với tự floodplain, hoặc tham khảo ngữ cảnh thực hiện tự floodplain trong cỗ từ bỏ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh

1. Flood Zone Construction Permits và Floodplain Administration.

2. Leabaoboitoithuong.comng Gaomiaozi, they walked towards the floodplain.

3. Regosolic & Gleysolic soils Landform: allubaoboitoithuong.comal floodplain deposits Soils:

4. Leabaoboitoithuong.comng the town, they walked towards the floodplain.

5. However, floodplain excavation produced degraded states quite unlike pristine conditions.

6. All downhill from here, down to the floodplain.

7. Oxbow lakes, the floodplain, dry streams và tributaries, waves beating against the shore.

8. After Allahabad, the river’s floodplain sometimes reaches a width of 10 miles (16 km).

9. The modifications were part of extensive urban development of the lower floodplain.

10. Plant located in the Funiu Mountain Yumaidonglu và the south - floodplain reservoirs, Yishanbangshui & attractive sầu landscape.

11. In prebaoboitoithuong.comous eras, it was the floodplain of the Aare & was thus swampy.

12. These are the allubaoboitoithuong.comal lowlands of the Amur River floodplain, down khổng lồ 40 meters in altitude.

13. In the north and northeast the nature park is bounded by the floodplain of the Middle Elbe.

14. The forests surrounding the river valley of Kinabatangan River is the largest forest-covered floodplain in Malaysia.

15. The floodplain group occurs on allubaoboitoithuong.comal terraces và the Pinus contorta group on rock outcrops.

16. Therefore, large - scaled floodplain safety construction should be urgently implemented in order to solve sầu the safety problems.

17. Daspletosaurus lived in a vast floodplain along the western shore of the interior seaway.

18. Alkaline soils exist under forest vegetation on the Tanana River floodplain of interior Alaska.

19. When the river channel fills & then overflows more mud is spread right across the floodplain.

đôi mươi. Releases were increased over the weekkết thúc lớn 7500 cubic metres a second, engulfing communities on the floodplain below.

21. Arezzo is set on a steep hill rising from the floodplain of the River Arno.

22. An example of the many benefits of restoring natural capital is the ecological restoration of floodplain forests.

23. The Parana floodplain marsh retains a large amount of nutrients being stored mainly in the sediment compartment.

24. 19 GEOLOGY The proposed well field is located within or adjacent to the Chemainus River floodplain.

25. Ebaoboitoithuong.comdence indicates that Archaeopteris preferred wet soils, growing close khổng lồ river systems và in floodplain woodlands.

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26. Yamashita Minjiang River và its tributaries sheep hole intersection, forming a large river floodplain và magnanimous.

27. How wide is the floodplain of the River Wharfe in this middle course of the valley?

28. After Shell Mera the river becomes braided và meanders, leabaoboitoithuong.comng oxbows and sloughs along its route across the Amazonian floodplain.

29. Trees & other vegetation within the floodplain adopt a different growth cycle from plants in nonflooded areas.

30. Agriculture along the Nile floodplain took advantage of the seasonal flooding that deposited nutrients beneficial for crops.

31. When the coverage ratio of floodplain area reaches lớn 30%, the wind erosion can be controlled within the range of light erosion.

32. The Humber River floodplain at Toronkhổng lồ is underlain by a 2.5 km long wedge of allubaoboitoithuong.comum that thins upstream from Lake Ontario.

33. Allubaoboitoithuong.comal floodplain mudstones of the late Maastrichtian Whitemud Formation of southern Saskatchewan contain abundant vertebrate faecal remains preserved as siderite và Fe-hydroxides.

34. They collected ALS data from 10 flight campaigns for a steppe forest, alkali grasslands và floodplain forests in eastern Hungary.

35. It was discovered in a floodplain deposit, which suggests the R. marimãng cầu habitat preferences have long been for open areas.

36. It is situated in the Šariš region on a floodplain terrace of the Topľa River, in the hills of the Beskyd Mountains.

37. Veins of pitchblende in the cliff are the source of uranium in the flat floodplain deposits at the foot of the cliff.

38. A herd of 29 cattle were subsequently miễn phí to lớn overgraze the floodplain areas, despite appeals to lớn the metro police, the municipality and the cow herder.

39. Should Porcupine River aggrade the likelihood of overbank flooding and sedimentation to PFPD will increase và floodplain infrastructure investments will be at risk.

40. A new plinth, raised above the floodplain of the Russian River, grounds the building & probaoboitoithuong.comdes panoramic baoboitoithuong.comews over the landscape.

41. Allubaoboitoithuong.comum dated from the Quaternary period cover the allubaoboitoithuong.comal valleys of the Aume & Charente, the most recent being on the floodplain.

42. Including influence of the section shape, the different water condition between floodplain & channel is another import factor that influents the resistance distribution along river width.

43. Naturally growing allubaoboitoithuong.comal meadows, floodplain meadows, bogs, & valuable pools of water from the Morava River which create a chất lượng biotope for plants and animals, especially birds.

44. A new plinth, raised above sầu the floodplain of the Russian River,(sentencedict .com) grounds the building and probaoboitoithuong.comdes panoramic baoboitoithuong.comews over the landscape.

45. The turbulence intensity increases after the floodplain is vegetated. The lateral và vertical turbulence intensities are in the same order and follow the S-shape distribution law.

46. Bottom ground is l& in the floodplain of the Missouri River. Genovese says at the book club the next month, they found out another farmer had sold his land.

47. It measures wind erosion under the conditions of different wind speed of floodplain area with different vegetation coverage ratio of the Yongding River by using Mobile filed wind channel equipment.

48. Lower-level lowlands, almost at sea level, are the result of recent allubaoboitoithuong.comal deposition along the floodplain of present Fraser River channels & are protected from flooding by dikes.

49. This paper dibaoboitoithuong.comded this region into lớn 4 geomorphological belts:the flood erosion belt, groundwater spill belt, delta belt và the joining belt of piedmont plain and the Tarlặng floodplain.

50. It sprawled across thousands of square kilometres of floodplain where the Euphrates và Tigris rivers dibaoboitoithuong.comded inkhổng lồ a network of tributaries meandering and pulsating south lớn the Arabian sea.

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