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Force majeure translates literally from French as superior force. In English, the term is often used in line with its literal French meaning, but it has other uses as well, including one that has roots in a principle of French law. In business circles, "force majeure" describes those uncontrollable events (such as war, labor stoppages, or extreme weather) that are not the fault of any các buổi tiệc nhỏ and that make it difficult or impossible khổng lồ carry out normal business. A company may insert a force majeure clause inlớn a contract to absolve itself from liability in the event it cannot fulfill the terms of a contract (or if attempting khổng lồ bởi so will result in loss or damage of goods) for reasons beyond its control.

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Recent Examples on the Web These weather events will all likely constitute events of force majeure and having a contract that relieves the manufacturer or supplier of liability for performance will not help a franchisor recover from supply chain disruption. — Joyce Mazero, Forbes, 29 June 2021 Lamb counseled promoters of independent festivals on strategies for cancellations, ticket refunds, insurance và force majeure, the conditions that prevented parties from fulfilling contracts. — Billboard Staff, Billboard, 5 Aquảng bá. 2021 The city, via the force majeure clause, waived $377,668.96 in payment from the baseball team. — Paul Gattis | Pgattis
al.com, al, 25 May 2021 EasyJet pointed out that the contract contained no force majeure clause. — Jeremy Kahn, Fortune, 18 May 2021 Without the force majeure of the pandemic, such a reform would have sầu taken much longer to lớn happen, if at all. — Enrique Dans, Forbes, 16 Aquảng bá. 2021 Team officials also said the Trash Pandas would not be seeking financial cover from the force majeure clause in the lease beyond the cancellation of the 20trăng tròn baseball season. — Paul Gattis | Pgattis
al.com, al, 5 May 2021 Canadian Breaks, the firm with the wind farm outside Amarillo, is pursuing a strategy of force majeure in a suit against J.Phường. Morgan. — Washington Post, 21 Feb. 2021 San Antonio, in its suit against ERCOT, is invoking what lawyers hotline force majeure: that an unforeseen circumstance beyond the utility’s control frees it from the terms of its contract. — Washington Post, 21 Feb. 2021

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