grow out

To become longer in length through the act of growing. Ugh, when will my bangs grow out? They"re so short now that it looks ridiculous.See also: grow, out

grow out

lớn regrow. Don"t worry, your hair will grow out again. Will the grass grow out again, vì chưng you think?See also: grow, out

grow out


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1. To extkết thúc from a place by growing: I cut my hair short, but it will grow out again.2. To cause something khổng lồ become longer or thicker by growing it or letting it grow: I cut my hair short, but I"ll grow it out again. He grew out his beard until his chin was completely covered.

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3. grow out of To have sầu developed khổng lồ the point that one is too big or no longer suited lớn something: My son grew out of his shoes in three weeks.4. grow out of To have sầu developed in such a way that something is no longer interesting or appropriate: When I was young I liked eating bananas with pickles, but I grew out of it.See also: grow, outSee also:

grow out of

1.develop from发展自Most international firms have grown out of small family businesses.多数国际性公司是从小的家庭企业发展起来的。2.arise or result from起因于His illness grew out of his tendency lớn overwork.他的病是工作过度所致。The accident grew out of his carelessness.这场事故是由于他粗心而造成的。3.become too big or too old for太大或太老而不再适合于…My son has grown out of his shoes;I have sầu to lớn buy hyên ổn new ones.我儿子已长大,穿不下这些鞋子了,我得给他买新的。There is no sense in buying expensive clothes for children,as they soon grow out of them.给小孩买贵重的衣服划不来,因为他们很快就会长大穿不下了。My daughter has grown out of these toys.我女儿已经长大,不再玩这些玩具了。He has grown out of the bad habits of his boyhood days.他长大了,已经改掉了童年时代的一些坏习惯。

grow out of|grow|grow out

v. phr. 1. To outgrow; become too mature for. As a child he had a habit of scratching his chin all the time, but he grew out of it. 2. To result from; arise. Tom"s illness grew out of his tendency to lớn overwork & neglect his health.
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