After seeing so many poorly-made versions of Office, it’s quite a relief lớn see one that finally works the way it should. Office 2013 made it big as far as office suites are concerned. However, there’s one caveat: The whole cloud storage aspect of it can be a bit confusing. By default, Office gives you the option lớn store your data on SkyDrive. But what if you have an tài khoản on Dropbox that you use a lot? There’s also Google Drive, Box, và a number of other cloud providers that let you synchronize with applications. This article will explain how to địa chỉ cửa hàng the third-party cloud storage services Dropbox và Google Drive to Office.

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What is Cloud Storage?

If you’re lost, let me explain cloud storage in a nutshell: Cloud storage lets you put your files on a central server where you can access them very easily through any device you own or operate. For example, you can add a PowerPoint presentation from your computer to your Dropbox account and then present it through a projector connected to lớn your laptop which accesses the Dropbox account and opens the tệp tin directly. This is extremely advantageous in situations where you have lớn use a file interchangeably between devices. Google Drive actually comes with word processing capabilities as well!

What Advantages vị I Get Adding Cloud Storage to Office 2013?

When you add a third-party cloud storage service lớn Office 2013, you get lớn save documents directly lớn their servers. This way, you don’t have to upload them manually from your desktop. Just click “Save As” & then select your storage medium!

Adding A Cloud Storage Service to Office 2013

Since cloud services each have different ways of communicating with client computers, each is explained separately here.

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Adding Dropbox

Open the batch file (ignoring any warnings saying that it’s malicious) by right-clicking it, then clicking “Run As Administrator.” You should reach an interface lượt thích this:


You’ll already see Dropbox and/or Google Drive in there, provided you followed the instructions correctly. Just click on them lớn be done.

Want More Cloud Services?

If you want khổng lồ learn how to add other third-party cloud storage services in Office 2013, just phản hồi below and I’ll consider covering them in another piece! If you have questions, please don’t hesitate lớn ask as well.

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