The ProPlus edition comes in at 10.10 per user and includes Access. OneNote, which is available không tính tiền to all Windows users, also integrates with Office 365, and Microsoft Visio & Project can be added as separate product subscriptions.

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Some of Office 2016's new features span multiple apps, such as the background patterns và themes that users can apply to lớn all the Office apps associated with their account. They can connect external services, too, from obvious options such as OneDrive và SharePoint, lớn Facebook & Twitter accounts.


Account themes và settings can be applied to all of your Office apps


Dark grey và white colour schemes are now available for those who eschew colour

You can now tìm kiếm for the feature you want in all of the Office apps via the 'Tell me what you want to do' search box at the vị trí cao nhất of the Ribbon bar. All the Office apps also get access lớn Bing searches via its integrated smart lookup tool. We'd have liked the Tell me search to have a better grasp of natural language & Office's own features. For example, in Word, it didn't provide any useful suggestions when we asked it how khổng lồ disable smart quotes - this compares badly to the massive flexibility và intelligence of Windows 10's built-in Cortana tìm kiếm features.

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Perhaps the most useful and exciting feature of the entire Office năm 2016 suite is that you can now collaborate on Word documents in real time. While Office 365 users have been able to chia sẻ Word documents for a long time, it's not previously been possible for two people to lớn work on the same document simultaneously. Attempting to do so sometimes resulted in multiple versions of the same tệp tin being saved in OneDrive storage.

A new nói qua button allows you lớn invite others to access your documents

The new sharing và co-authoring features mean that, as long as your Word document is saved khổng lồ OneDrive, rather than a local directory, you'll be able to invite anyone khổng lồ view or edit it. Your collaborators don't need Office năm nhâm thìn or Office 365 subscriptions of their own khổng lồ view or even edit the documents you share with them, just the không tính tiền Word Online app. The first time you mô tả a document with a guest editor, you can select lớn automatically tóm tắt changes as they happen. Opt in to lớn this and we strongly suggest that you do and you'll get a truly collaborative working environment that easily rivals Google Docs.

Word Online is itself a cut-down version of the desktop edition. The mobile, web, and Windows 10 Word Online apps mô tả a common, consistent interface. The feature selection is very similar to lớn that provided by Google's service, but the layout and interface are a slicker, albeit a little slower-loading.

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