Personality tests typically measure 4-trăng tròn factors which can provide greater awareness of oneself & others. This is often useful khổng lồ help employees become more sensitive lớn others with different behavioral styles. However, effectively predicting job specific behavior requires a different approach that takes inlớn consideration specific job activities, responsibilities, and performance requirements in relationship to a wide range of behavioral factors.

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Next Generation of Behavioral Testing & Personality Testing

Harrison provides the next generation of assessments with job specific behavioral và personality testing which effectively predicts job success, engagement, and retention. Our SmartQuestionnaire measures 175 talent factors in only 25 minutes. When a job is selected, it compares the individual"s behaviors lớn the job specific behavioral factors related to good performance for that role. Our extensive world-wide retìm kiếm and Job Success Formula Library makes it easy to lớn assess job fit.

Paradox Technology

Harrison Paradox Technology provides a new depth in personality testing và behavioral testing. Paradox Technology measures how employees manage 12 paradoxical pairs of behaviors, each of which are critical lớn job performance. For example, self-confidence can be a great strength but if it is not balanced with considering other ideas, self-confidence becomes dogmatism that stifles innovation and causes employee turnover. Conversely, leaders who are receptive sầu lớn different ideas without having confidence in their own views will lachồng clarity which leads to confusion amongst the team. Achieving paradoxical balance is the key.

Paradox effectively identifies job related strengths & more than 40 potential derailers without having to ask any negative questions in the questionnaire.


Assessing Mutual Needs

Harrison is a two-way assessment because it measures the degree to which the employer & employee will meet each other"s mutual needs & expectations. Consequently, it predicts engagement & retention while also providing a much better employee và candidate experience than other assessments. Since successful employment requires meeting mutual needs, the Harrison approach is more effective than one-way assessments which only measure how well the person meets the employer"s needs & expectations.

Saying our employees are important is easy. However, to lớn truly value your employees, you need to find out what is important lớn them and create mutually beneficial alignments. No other assessment provides such a comprehensive sầu mapping of mutual needs.

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One Questionnaire - Many Talent Applications

Our SmartQuestionnaire measures personality factors, interests, passions, preferences, and expectations. By measuring this comprehensive set of factors, the Harrison Suitability Assessment can accurately predict job performance, engagement, và retention.

The SmartQuestionnaire also provides key data used lớn assess competencies including leadership capabilities, emotional intelligence, behavioral competencies, and core values specific lớn your company.

The same individual data from the SmartQuestionnaire can be applied khổng lồ organizational development including team development, engagement surveys, succession planning, leadership capability analysis, cultural analysis, and performance benchmarking.


Unleash Passion và Engagement with Enjoyment-Performance Theory

Enjoyment-Performance Theory is a key theory based on this principle: When people enjoy a task or have sầu an interest in something, they tover to bởi it more, và when they vị it more, they get better at it. When they get better at it, they get acknowledged or feel better about themselves and this furthers the cycle by causing them khổng lồ enjoy that activity even more.

The Harrison Suitability Assessment is designed lớn hire or place employees in roles which are aligned with their natural interests & passions. Harrison Assessment"s 30+ years of research shows that employees who enjoy at least 75% or more of their job are three times more likely khổng lồ succeed than employees who enjoy less than 75% of their job. In addition, Harrison Suitability Assessment has the highest predictive accuracy of any behavioral assessment in the industry.

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