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to make a statement of what you believe to be true, especially in support of something or someone or when someone has been accused in a law court:
to say in a court of law if you are guilty or not guilty of something that you have been accused of:
Many refusers avoided imprisonment by delaying their response to the commissioners, pleading poverty or leaving their counties during the period of collections.
Chishtis had generally pleaded for a kind of asceticism, and preferred to advise and bless the political authorities from a distance.
He argues that certain languages become " optimal " in some fashion, and pleads that this must reflect adaptation and natural selection, but he offers no argument.
Along with others, she pleads for greater attention to be given to the institutional setting and indeed for further study of it.
The national union for the pharmaceutical industry pleaded for a "partnership" and "discussions" with the associations.
By pleading guilty men hoped to placate complainants, disputing neither the facts presented nor the importance of gaining a father"s consent.
Artisans in state employment often pleaded for material assistance during life cycle rituals, and many had the government rescue them in moments of need.
Considering "the genuineness of the teachers" plight ", they pleaded that the union should go on strike on the planned date irrespective of the consequences.
Once the plan had been agreed, further tension was generated as local authorities and enterprises pleaded for plans to be altered and resources increased.

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