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Bạn đang xem: Roll out là gì

an occasion when a new sản phẩm or service is gradually made available to lớn more people after it has first been tested in a particular area:
Ongoing dialogue, operational research, and incorporation of learning experiences will be essential components of the roll-out process.
So roll-out programs should begin where healthcare facilities exist, and every effort must be made to lớn include deprived areas as rapidly as possible.
Owing khổng lồ the high costs of infrastructure roll-out for broadband technologies, it is difficult for a company lớn justify providing coverage in less-populated areas.
Further retìm kiếm is needed to evaluate the effectiveness of the roll-out of extended & supplementary prescribing và khổng lồ examine support mechanisms for nurses in their prescribing practice across all settings.
Any decision on future roll-out will be taken in light of the retìm kiếm findings which will also indicate the likely costs.
It is anticipated that the roll-out programme presently being established, will be extended khổng lồ cover outpatients.
He referred to lớn multi-agency working, & it is only a matter of time before he starts talking about roll-out, joined-up government & pilots.
The roll-out of broadb& khổng lồ every school will open up pupils" access lớn vast new online resources for teaching & learning.
We need lớn improve sầu broad b& roll-out và increase the take-up of digital television to lớn increase access to information services.
We are deferring part of the roll-out of the computer programme until we can be sure that it will not cause further delays.
Given that only a minuscule number of post offices giảm giá khuyến mãi with two of the simplest benefits, why has there been no roll-out?

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The intensive control-and-change programme, piloted in 11 areas, will be extended further this year, leading lớn a full roll-out across the country.
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