to lớn vày the job that another person was going khổng lồ vì or usually does, or to take that person"s place at an sự kiện, because they cannot be there:

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a person who takes the place or does the job of another person for a short time, for example because the other person is ill or on holiday:
to do something that someone else is supposed khổng lồ vị or usually does, because they are unable to lớn vày it:
a person who takes the place or does the job of someone else for a short time because that person is not available:
If the latter, then hunger pangs must be some sort of illusion, a stand-in for states we cannot access consciously.
Proprietors" extended families và friends were often involved either as regular visitors lớn the trang chủ or as occasional stand-in carers.
False belief should be understood not as a stand-in for theoryof-mind understanding but as one of its components.
Thus, the "interpreter" is often acting as an assistant provider (or, conversely, as a stand-in for the patient) rather than permitting provider & patient lớn converse directly with each other.
The image no longer has the status of a stand-in or a more or less faithful substitute for concrete reality, but consists in an original, heuristic grasp thereof.
I vì chưng not believe sầu that he is really the villain of the piece; he is merely the acting villain, a stand-in for other people.
The actor who is asked to lớn endanger his life for a scene has the option of refusing và making the studio hire a stand-in or a double.
Following this initial usage, the approved mã sản phẩm was only used as a stand-in for the production version in the pnhận xét in the fourth season.
In the case of alien invasion films, the creatures can provide as a stand-in for a feared foreign power.

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In many cases a second unit is dispatched to film on location, with a second unit director và sometimes with stand-in actors.
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