More than không tính phí antivirus One is your personal online guardian — combining our award-winning không tính tiền antivirus with advanced protection that helps you safeguard your privacy, tốc độ up your devices, connect securely, and avoid scams.

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Also available for Mac, Android, và iOS.Also available for PC, Android, and iOS.Also available for Mac, Android, and PC.Also available for PC, Mac, and iOS.


* One premium packages offer you more tools to optimize your digital life, such as unlimited VPN và password protection. Even better, they allow you to lớn protect multiple devices for you and your household.

A computer virut is designed to lớn infect programs và files with malicious code, changing how a computer operates and spreading across systems.

What is a VPN? What does it do? How does it work? và how can you use a VPN? Learn all about a VPN's definition and uses in our guide.

Wondering why your internet speed is slow? Learn how to improve your mạng internet connection right now, whether you're on Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

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We all have some concept of hacking - but bởi you really know what it is? Read our full hacking definition here.

Find out how lớn turn private browsing mode on & off. Learn what private browsing is, how private it is, & how khổng lồ browse the web privately.

What is a P2P VPN server? Learn how peer-to-peer VPN servers allow tệp tin sharing through P2P networks with VPN security protocols.

Booting your Mac in safe mode can help you troubleshoot issues, chạy thử hardware, & resolve startup problems. Find out how in this guide.

Find out what the metaverse is & how it works. Discover what you can vị in the metaverse, how to get into it, và much more.

Is your phone’s 4G, LTE, 5G data, or mạng internet speed slow? Discover our quick tips lớn improve your phone’s internet và data tốc độ here.

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