Phần kĩ năng 2 luyện tập cho chính mình học về hai tài năng nghe cùng viết. Bài viết dưới đây hỗ trợ những gợi ý tương tự như hướng dẫn giải bài tập trong sách giáo khoa



1. What vì you usually vày with your friends in your free time?

Bạn thường làm gì với bạn bè trong thời hạn rảnh?

Go ice-skating with your friendsVolunteerWork out togetherGoing for a xe đạp ridePlaying soccer Having a swimBaking Arts và CraftsMake a Movie Go see a movieHave a picnicGo to the skate parkGo see a concertRock climbingShopping

2. Listen to the radio programme & answer the questions.

Bạn đang xem: Unit 1 lớp 8: skills 2

Nghe công tác radio và vấn đáp những câu hỏi.

1. What is the topic of this week`s programme?2. Which two main ways does the programme suggest you can hang out with your friends?

Audio script:

In this week`s programme we`ll tóm tắt with you some cool ways khổng lồ hang out with your best friends after a busy week at school. Basically you can hang out indoors or outdoors. If you like staying indoors, ask your parents if you can invite one or two friends over. Make some popcorn! Watch a movie! It`s more comfortable than going lớn a cinema! Or if you are feeling creative, you can make craft together. You`ll fell satisfied one you finish something. If you fance being outdoors, play some sports together. Football, badminton, name it! Or it can simply be a relaxing walk in the park. All these activites are good for your physical health. Vì chưng you prefer something more exciting? Go downtown and do some people watching. It`s fun. If you lượt thích something more organised, go lớn the cultural centres, libraries, và museums. Educate yourself while having fun!

3. Listen again & complete the table.

Nghe lần nữa và chấm dứt bảng sau.


What lớn do


Watching ___movies___ (1) at home, eating popcorn

comfortable feeling, better than a ___cinema__ (2)

Making ____craft___ (3)

creative, feeling satisfied

Playing ___sports____ (4)

good for your ____physical heath____ (5)

Watching ___people____ (6) downtown


Going to lớn ____cultrure___ (7)

educating yourself


Writing to lớn give an opinion

Organising your ideas

Introducing your opinion

In my opinionI belive

Explaining your opinion

Firstly. Secondly, thirdly, finaly,besides, also, in addition

Concluding / Summarising your opinion

For these reason,In shortAs I have noted,

4. Complete the following paragraph with the words in the "Organising your ideas" box.

Xem thêm: On The Basis Of Là Gì ?, Từ Điển Tiếng Anh On That Basis Tiếng Việt Là Gì

Hoàn thành đoạn văn sau với hầu như từ trong size “Sắp xếp chủ ý của bạn”. (1) __In my opinion___, using the computer as your hooby can be harmful khổng lồ both your health and your social life. (2) ___Firstly__ sitting all day in front of the computer can cause health problems such as eye-tiredness và obesity. (3) ___Secondly___, you may get irritated easily. (4) ___Besides__, if you use the computer khổng lồ much you won`t have time for your family và friends. (5) ___For these reasons__, computers should only be used for a limited time.

5. Now write a similar paragraph to lớn answer one of the following questions.

Bây giờ đồng hồ viết một đoạn văn tương tự như để trả lời những thắc mắc sau.

1. What do you think is the best leisure activity for teenagers?2. Should parents decide how teenagers spend their không tính tiền time?

I believe the best leisure activity for teenagers is any group activity. This could be playing a team thể thao or joining a hobby group or even volunteering. Firstly, teenagers like to feel that thev belong to lớn the group. Secondly, being part of a group helps teenagers make friends. Friendship is very important to lớn teenagers. In addition, they will make friends with people who have the same interests as them. For these reasons, I think group activities are best for teenagers.

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