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They changed the venue at the last minute because they realized the meeting room would have been much too small.
Curiously, they have not intersected in terms of commissioning venues, implying the existence of a one-through-at-a-time dynamic.
The contrast between earthquakes and hurricanes is starkly illustrated by differences in the venues in which testimony on these phenomena occur.
Second, advocacy groups choose venues not only to advance substantive policy goals but also to serve organizational needs, or reinforce organizational identities.
To begin, venues are directly tied to policy solutions, and advocacy groups do have preferences in this regard.
More sophisticated advocacy groups and policy entrepreneurs presumably have a rather accurate sense of the opportunities and constraints associated with various venues.
During the 1830s and 1840s as respectable politics moved to indoor venues, the authorities increasingly regulated and restricted remaining open-air gatherings.
The second category investigates how and why interest groups pursue their agendas in diverse venues.
On rare occasions, they transformed themselves into performance venues for live music ranging beyond jazz to rock and blues.
Supporters of the busses, meanwhile, fashioned a response to the merchant companies and changed venues for their advocacy.
You are going to need to develop a following if you want to move on and play bigger and better venues.
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A recording of a show is thus an attempt to recreate this experience of intimacy away from the space and time of the concert venue.
The city leased the abandoned building for a destination restaurant and entertainment venue now under development.





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