William “Billy” Kaplan, a young magician, not only faces confusion in his personal teenage life, but also in his attempts lớn become an official Super Hero.

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Scarlet Witch & Vision’s twins. Wiccan has wide-ranging, powerful magical abilities and may be capable of much more than his mother’s chaos magic, as he learns and expands his powers.

A Kind of Magic

The Avengers Vision và Scarlet Witch once had twin children. This was an extraordinary occurrence, considering Vision is a synthetic being và Scarlet Witch is a chaos magician. Unfortunately for the couple, the children were undone and exposed as manipulation by Master Pandemonium. Despite this, the children were reincarnated as actual people.

Wiccan, born Billy Kaplan, was one of those reincarnated people.

When he was young, Billy Kaplan realized he was gay, và so took a lot of abuse from classmates. After an encouraging word from a random encounter with the Scarlet Witch, Billy decided to stvà up to his bully, John Kessler, when the next opportunity presented itself. Unluckily for hyên, the electrokinetic aspect of his powers manifested at that exact moment, và Kessler was nearly killed.


Billy began khổng lồ practice his magic powers in earnest, and wished to find Wandomain authority again, lớn whom he felt a special connection. Unfortunately for Billy once again, his desire to vì chưng so came right as the Avengers disbanded in disgrace, so he was unable to lớn get in touch with her. Thanks to Vision, a failsafe program was put in place that gathered Billy (originally calling himself the Asgardian), Hulkling, Iron Lad, và Patriot together. This new team was dubbed the Young Avengers.

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Magic Man

Wiccan’s powers are extensive sầu, unpredictable, powerful, possibly mutant, và most definitely magical. Typically, his abilities manifest as electrokinetic energy from his hands, which Wiccan can manipulate in numerous ways—both offensively and defensively. Wiccan can also teleport himself và his teammates over long distances, fly, create objects from thin air, levitate objects, project force, energy, ice, heat, và fire, và create force fields & other solid energy objects.

Wiccan is still a young man & so is learning more and more about his powers as he practices; it is possible he will become one of the world’s most powerful sorcerers given enough time. Regardless, he is an invaluable thành viên of the Young Avengers.

You Put a Spell On Me

One of Wiccan’s primary adversaries happens to be a fellow Young Avenger—a teenage Loki. Both are magic users, but Wiccan tries lớn use his powers for the good of the team & humanity, while Loki’s magic is manipulative, self-serving, and ultimately destructive sầu. To Wiccan, Loki represents where his own powers could lead hyên ổn if he doesn’t remain vigilant & careful.


The evil Mother, a parasitic being from another dimension, is also a great enemy of Wiccan. She first poses as Hulkling’s parents, và then actually brings them baông chồng under her control, with her ultimate goal of seeking to lớn gain mastery over Wiccan & his vast powers.

Do You Believe in Magic?

Wiccan’s chief allies are the other Young Avengers, especially Theodore “Teddy” Altman, also known as Hulkling, whom Wiccan has dated off và on. He also befriends and fights alongside such heroes as America Chavez, Noh-Varr, Speed, và Prodigy.


Wiccan’s relationship with his best frikết thúc và sometimes boyfrikết thúc Hulkling makes them an unlikely couple: an impulsive magician paired with a super-svào, yet level-headed Skrull. Their relationship survives many ups và downs, not the least of which is the suggestion from the manipulative Loki that Wiccan use his magic to keep hlặng & Hulkling together.

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