Microsoft word is probably Microsoft"s most used application. Furthermore, it is one of the most user-friendly apps you can ever come across; even kids can have a shot at it. For all your document creation, editing, và saving, this is the best application.

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Since its launch years ago, different versions have been released inlớn the market. The more recent the app"s release date, the more advanced và better features it wields. However, most of the features are similar in all the released versions.

This is how these different versions compare against each other:

What Do Microsoft Word 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 Have in Common?

Microsoft Word Purpose

This application was developed khổng lồ help users type and save sầu documents. As such, no matter how upgraded or most recent version is, the primary purpose is the same for all of them. All the features that each of these versions has are all aimed at making the Word processing experience better.

You can comfortably use any of these versions of Word to lớn create and edit your documents. Nevertheless, the whole experience differs from a different version.

Saving and Printing

After creating và editing your document, all versions of Ms word give sầu you the option of saving your text in the location of your choice. You can save sầu your document locally on your computer or even on an external storage device like a flash disk.

Furthermore, Ms word offers you a print option in case you want to lớn get a hard copy of your document. You can reform size and adjust your document for the print type of your choice.

Cloud & Local Support

Traditional word applications only enabled you khổng lồ access them locally by installing them on your computer, but with this version, things are more advanced. You can comfortably access these versions through your web browser.

Moreover, in addition to saving your documents locally, you can keep them on a Microsoft cloud system. In a cloud system, you can access your work whenever and wherever you need them.

Built-in Collaboration

All these versions allow access & manipulation of the same document by different people. Multiple individuals can edit the same text, unlike in the older versions, which dictated one user at a time.

Supporting Diverse Usage

Ms. Word is an application that is not limited khổng lồ a particular individual user. Students, business people, writers, và trang chính users are all encompassed in the usage of this software. All these versions come with different features that suit each user according khổng lồ their needs.


Each of these versions is compatible with a later version of itself. For instance, you can open & work on a document created with ms word 2013 on ms word 2016. Furthermore, you can save sầu your files in Rich Text Format, which is compatible across all the versions.

As such, if you have recently upgraded to a newer version, no need to worry that your documents will not open.

Formatting Features

Ms word flaunts multiple and diverse formatting features that seek to make document editing perfect. You can select desirable fonts, color text, create tables, format paragraphs, insert images, & hyperliên kết khổng lồ your document. Furthermore, you can add headers & footers, page breaks, and line breaks, aao ước other formatting features.

All these features are present in all versions of Word.

How Does Each of these Version of Ms. Word Compare Against Each Other?

In consideration of features and better document processing capabilities, this is how each of these versions stood out:

Microsoft Word 2010

Upon its release, it was highly regarded since it came with better features và lots of improvements that made the Word processing experience more bearable. This could be viewed in the following perspectives:

The Ribbon

Although initially was hard lớn work with for new users, continued use of the phầm mềm made users like it. The ribbon makes different features more visible & discoverable hence making navigation faster và easier.

The simplest of tasks such as bulleting, outlining, changing fonts, & the color is faster và easier, unlượt thích in older versions. The clarity of the ribbon is something khổng lồ be admired about this version.


Protected View

Before the release of this version, security was not a consideration for word developers. However, this version attempted to keep in check the security aspect by introducing a protected view. Such allows you to view a risky document in a sandbox.



This is probably the most significant improvement that Microsoft made on WordWord baông xã in the day. Backstage is a simple interface that relieves the ribbon of carrying all functionality tools and features. It manages the security, printing, saving, & sharing of your files. Furthermore, it holds the option và Helps menus.

The backstage is where you look for any option you might be missing on the ribbon.


Collaboration & Sharing

Before sharing your documents, ms word 2010 has a document inspector that cleans up và secures your tệp tin. Once your text is secure, you can then choose a preferred sharing option in the backstage.

You can email your document or save sầu it on Skydrive sầu from whence you can nói qua through other means. Furthermore, this phầm mềm allows you to lớn nói qua more than one document at a time.


Editing Tools

With older versions, some editing tasks like copy-pasting were quite a hustle. However, this tiện ích made things easier. You can copy & paste a document from a different source and choose whether lớn retain its format or change it through the in-line editing thực đơn.

Furthermore, this ứng dụng allows you lớn edit images directly within Word.


Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft also made some more improvements in word 2013 to lớn improve on user experience. Such included the following:

A New Look

Initially, when you fired up WordWord, a blank document was your first stop. However, with word 2013, you have sầu yourself a trang đích. In the left pane is a list of your recent works, while on the right pane is a collection of templates. You can work with an invoice, a blog post, among mỏi others.

A new, improved ribbon is also present on the trang đích cần seo. A design format tab was also added for more formatting options.


Sharing và Collaboration

Like in windows 2010, you can also chia sẻ documents through the SkyDrive. However, with this version, you can mô tả with people who don"t have WordWord installed on their computers. They can access the text through a liên kết which they can open on their browsers.

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Editing Tools

There was always the problem of scrappy work whenever many people edited a document. However, with the Simple Markup tool, the word 2013 solved this issue. The app displays the final edited text but shows lines where the work was edited.

Furthermore, you can khuyến mãi with comments made on your document with ease as you vày Facebook. There is a small speech bubble inhỏ that leads to the comments session. You can also loông chồng Trachồng your documents so that one needs password clearance lớn edit your work.

Cloud Services

This version has incorporated the use of SkyDrive sầu as a mặc định storage location. You can always access your document for editing through your browser on your PC or tablet.


Read Mode

Sometimes you need khổng lồ read a document, but the distractions around the word window knoông chồng you off. Word 2013 has a read mode lớn provide a minimalist-distraction-không tính phí view of your document.

The read mode sets the page color khổng lồ sepia or white, and your text is organized inlớn columns increating a free-flowing read mode.

If you need to stop, Word saves the document so you can access it later.

Multitruyền thông media

Word 2013 made working with images easier. New tools were added lớn ensure you can efficiently giảm giá with pictures in WordWord, you can insert, drag, & edit images.

With this ứng dụng, you can add web photos và videos from online platforms directly lớn your word document. To add a đoạn phim, there is an "Online Video" tab that you tap khổng lồ select & add your video.


Editing PDFs

Traditionally, with older versions, editing PDFs called for extra plug-is or workarounds, but with word 2013, this is a functional feature.

Microsoft Word 2016

Microsoft Word năm nhâm thìn is mix apart from its preceding versions by the following features:

Tell Me What lớn Do Tool

With this version, you vày not have sầu lớn keep navigating through menus to lớn get your options. The "Tell Me What khổng lồ Do Tool" comes in handy. All you have sầu to lớn vì is type in your prospect, and WordWord takes you khổng lồ your destination.

Such a tool saves you the torture of having lớn memorize menus and gives you a time edge.


Smark Lookup

This is another fantastic tool that allows you khổng lồ look up words or phrases for correct definitions or click on a word và select smart lookup and windows the available databases for options.


Ink Equation

For those working with numbers, this is a time-saver tool. The tool allows you to create complex equations using your finger, mouse, or any other input đầu vào mechanism then translates the equation inkhổng lồ computer text.

To access this tool, you select "Equation, Ink Equation" in the insert tab. A canvas is consequently unleashed from whence you type your equation.


Improved Version History

Word 2016 does not dictate how you save sầu a document. You could save sầu it in its original format if you imported it from another source.


Sharing và Co-authoring in Real-Time

This version has incorporated a chia sẻ button on the screen; you can quickly hit khổng lồ nội dung your documents through OneDrive sầu or SharePoint. Once you hit the button, a liên kết is generated that you can mô tả with your friends or colleagues.

You can also concurrently edit the same document that you have saved on OneDrive or SharePoint with your friends.


Microsoft Word 2019

Here is the most recent, most upgraded, and most advanced version of Word. To the satisfaction of users, it has also come with several desirable features that place it above sầu all other versions. Such include:

See Others in Real-time

While its predecessor allowed you to lớn work on the same document with your colleagues, this will enable you lớn see who the colleague is. You can concurrently work on the same text as your frikết thúc & see what changes they are making khổng lồ the document.


Microsoft Translator

Language is no longer a communication barrier with the Word2019. The tiện ích comes with a translator that allows translating words, phrases, or sentences into other languages. All you have sầu lớn vì is hit the reviews tab on the ribbon & get started.


LaTex Syntax

Word through this version supports LaTex math syntax lớn create and work with mathematical equations. You can select this option by selecting it on the equations tab on the insert thực đơn.

When you select the LaTex Syntax option, other math symbols và structures are at your disposal.


Working with 3 chiều Images

You can now insert và work with 3D images in WordWord by this tiện ích. You can even rotate them up to an angle of 360 degrees.

To insert such an image, you select 3D models on the From Online Sources tab on the insert menu, và you can make your selection of the picture.


Digital Pens

Incorporation of this feature allows you to write, draw, or highlight texts in the most natural way. With this feature, you can enjoy doing calculations, make drawings, and convert ink inkhổng lồ shapes.


Improved Visual Impacts

You can now add icons & scalable vector graphics khổng lồ your documents. You can further edit by applying colors & effects as you please.


Word application versions all seek lớn serve the same purpose, document creation, and formatting. However, each serves the goal with a different degree of intensity, comfortability, và ease. The more recent version, the better features it displays, the lathử nghiệm versions are an improvement on the flaws of their predecessors.

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